St. Louis

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Project Overview

With it’s vast history still standing and a mix of a modern aesthetic, St. Louis, Missouri has become one of the most influential and expressive cities in the United States to date, with the tagline “the Gateway to the West.” The city wants to continue to explore, preserve, and promote the history of Saint Louis with the goal of educating any visitors or residents of the city.


To redesign and modernize the unique Missouri city to appeal to non-native people and bring attention to the city while maintaining the historical and progressive aspects that St. Louis represents.


This revitalization of the city was designed to mix the old and new of St. Louis and bring in new people to showcase the progressive ideas that shape the city and current residents. The goal is to establish an open and classical environment that allows for residents to cultivate their creativity, and innovate new ideas, collaborate with different individuals within the city and visitors, and continue promoting the city’s diverse history.



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